About Us

Embrace It Africa, Inc. (“EIA”, 501(c)(3), Olean/NY) was established in 2007 by three students from St. Bonaventure University. Our mission is to help drive sustainable economic growth in the Rakai District of Uganda through initiatives that address the community’s three major challenges: access to financial markets, educational opportunities, and public health. Leveraging strong collaborative relationships developed with leaders of the community, we have successfully implemented several initiatives supporting our mission:

  • Microfinance: Made over $6,000 in loans with full recapture
  • Access to education: Significant infrastructure improvements to Bethlehem Parents School resulting in a safer, cleaner learning environment and increased enrollment
  • Student Sponsorship: Ongoing sponsorship program providing 100+ orphans with access to a high quality private school education
  • Public Health: Construction and ongoing development of a community health clinic
  • HIV Awareness: Programs with HIV/AIDS widows cooperative work to address mental health and economic development of cooperative.

We feel that the major long-term driver of sustainable benefits to the Rakai community is not through ‘charity’ but through continued and increased investment in local entrepreneurs and community infrastructure. Due to the trust built from our program successes and our continued commitment, we believe we are well-positioned to support the interests and strategies of the people, as they see them, which will in-turn encourage long-term community growth.