Bethlehem Parents School

The Bethlehem Parent’s School and Orphanage (“BPS”) opened in 1999 by Sswerangu Fred. Growing up in the Bethlehem community, Fred has witnessed both the rise of orphans due to HIV/AIDS and the slow decline of private education in the area. In an effort to give any child access to a quality education, Fred founded BPS, which serves as a primary school and orphanage.

Today, BPS continues to grow with new students arriving frequently. Since EIA came to the school in 2008, BPS has enrolled over 300 new students. Currently, of the 527 children at BPS, 375 are orphans, all with different and difficult stories. About 155 of these orphans live at BPS, while the others live with other family or community members called guardians.

A man named Mugisha Linous Fredrick brings many of these children to the school. He is known in the community as Young Fred. He has devoted his life to helping street orphans all over Uganda. Young Fred has brought many of the street orphans to BPS and is constantly working to raise funds to help support them. Both Fred and Young Fred are constantly fighting an uphill battle to keep the school open and to support the students who attend (only a small portion of the students can afford to pay the school fees).

EIA has built a strong relationship with BPS. Some of EIA’s activities include helping finding international sponsors who pay school fees for the orphans, fundraising for the construction of new school buildings, and the installation of wells and irrigation systems so that the students have access to clean water and food.

Since the founding of our relationship, BPS has had an increase in student enrollment and, most importantly, a significant rise in students national test scores. We hope that our relationship will continue to develop the prestige of BPS and hopefully bring it to the level as one of the best private schools in Uganda.