Clinic Dorms and Tippy Tap!

Hey everyone!

We have some cool things happening!

We are making great progress on the dorms for our doctors and nurses working at the clinic!

We also had students from #DaemenCollege visit and they installed a #tippytap by the kitchen and bathrooms at the school! 

A Tippy Tap “is a hands free way to wash your hands where there is no running water. It is operated by a foot lever and thus reduces the chance for bacteria transmission as the user touches only the soap”.  To learn more about the Tippy Tap, head over to

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Clinic Dorms

Clinic Dorms

Installation of the Tippy Tap

Installation of the Tippy Tap

Local Clinic Tour

Hey Everyone!
Here are the St. Bonaventure students touring a local clinic. During their tour, they shadowed doctors and other medical students while they visited patients who are suffering from malaria, flu, and other communicable diseases. To learn more about the health issues facing Ugandans, click the "initiatives" page and head to "BPS Health Clinic".


Clinic Update!!

Hello Everyone!

We are just starting our current trip in Uganda! Today, we have exciting news about the clinic. Construction is finished! Now, we can move forward with its operation within the community. At the end of this month, Embrace It Africa is inviting HealthPartners as well as Bethlehem community leaders to discuss the implementation of the health cooperative model. We will keep you updated on the exciting changes to come!

-The EIA Team